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Members of the TMF Reference Model Project Team. Membership is open to anyone who is willing and has the time available to participate on a regular basis in one or more of the working teams of the project and agrees to the project's Intellectual Property Rights policy. Members who do not participate on a regular basis will be removed as a member. Once your membership request is accepted, please come back to this page to select the sub-team that you wish to join; these will be shown once you have logged in. If we do not receive a request within 4 weeks of joining, your membership will be terminated.


We are very proud that this group contains uncluttered useful information and discussions. The rules are as follows:

  • No job postings at all
  • No recruitment
  • No company advertising, which includes company specific advertorial postings
  • No conference, webinar or blog advertising or linking
  • No advertising in responses to discussions

There are plenty of places for people to advertise their companies, this just isn't one of them! But please feel free to share any interesting information or pose any challenges or questions around TMFs and eTMFs.


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